What Are Trigger Events and How To Use Them

Your mission as a sales person should be to find companies that have immediate wants and needs. This means that something happened or is happening to them – a move, a merger, new investors, etc. Continue reading

09/03/2014 by: Gagein

Price of Business With Kevin Price & Gagein’s CMO

Host, Kevin Price and guest, Richard Dym discuss “Google Alerts on steroids” in this segment of the Price of Business. Check it out!

08/27/2014 by: Gagein

GrowthBeat | Register Now to Save 20%

Gagein is sponsoring GrowthBeat, August 5th – 6th in San Francisco! Register now and save 20% with this code: Gagein20 Continue reading

07/29/2014 by: Gagein

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your B2B Prospects List

Spring is a time when people tend to feel the need to renew and refresh themselves and the spaces around them. The same sense of renewal should be applied to your current prospect list. Potential prospects are typically accumulated through marketing and sales efforts including list building, email marketing, events, tradeshows, cold calling, or referrals from existing customers. Optimize your list, clean out stale prospects and make room for higher quality leads, which, in turn, will generate higher quality results. Below is a list of 5 spring-cleaning tips to improve your B2B lead generation. Continue reading

05/19/2014 by: Luosheng Peng

Happy National Small Business Week!

In 1963 President Kennedy declared the start of an annual National Small Business Week. NSBW is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners by hosting events in select cities nationwide. San Francisco is one of the four cities that has the honor of hosting celebrations for Small Business Week 2014 followed by Boston, Kansas City, and Washington DC. Here are some highlights of what’s going on locally for us in San Francisco! Continue reading

05/12/2014 by: Gagein

SMBs vs Big Companies: Sales Triggers Level the Playing Field

Just because you’re a small or medium business (SMB) doesn’t mean you can’t beat your large competitors. David used a sling to beat Goliath and the modern day Davids have a choice of tools that can give their SMB a similar advantage. After all successful selling is all about timing and being the first to call on a prospect with a compelling reason. If there is one thing a small company should be able to do, it’s move faster than their bigger competitors. Continue reading

05/07/2014 by: Gagein

Google Alerts Doesn’t Cut It Anymore – What Now?

In the early 2000’s Google came in out of left field with a remarkable internet tracking tool: Google Alerts. A simple tool that tracks web content and sorts it through keywords chosen by the user. When it came to sales, this tool was a game changer. Alerts for salespeople are as essential as air is to breathing; without them information would get tangled and confusing- lost in the abyss of the internet. Lately, however, Google Alerts are no longer working and rumors have spread that Google has no intention of fixing them. Which leads to the looming question, is there a need for a tool that replaces Google Alerts? Continue reading

04/28/2014 by: Luosheng Peng

10 Ways To Go Green In Your Office

Happy Earth Day! Here are 10 sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives that you can start taking at work and at home! Continue reading

04/22/2014 by: Gagein

Top 10 Tips for Successful B2B Sales

A great product is nothing without customers, and in order to attract that following, a remarkable salesperson must be behind the pitch. Delivering a pitch is not as basic as memorizing a script like many are lead to believe; a … Continue reading

04/14/2014 by: Luosheng Peng

‘Add to Calendar’ Feature for News Alerts & Events

Now you can add reminders to your schedule to follow up on a news alerts or events. Here’s how to use our “Add to Calendar” feature within Continue reading

03/18/2014 by: Gagein