Use Gagein to find more opportunities to sell

This post will take you through your Gagein homepage (more specifically, your Agents feature) and show you the ins-and-outs of how to use Agents to build a list of opportunities.

11/27/2012 by: Gagein

Gagein CRM Launches in Salesforce’s AppExchange!

Gagein CRM has come to Salesforce’s AppExchange! Access Gagein update feeds and Agents directly in your Accounts tab, and up-to-date employee profiles in your Contacts tab

11/20/2012 by: Gagein

How trigger events fill up your sales pipeline

Sales shouldn’t be about numbers and luck. Trigger events help you qualify your prospects streamline your prospecting into a targeted and efficient process.

11/13/2012 by: Gagein

Follow competitors, improve your pitch

Keep up with your competitors to refine your sales pitch for your prospects. Use GageIn to find and follow your competitors, so you can easily keep track of their latest developments, changes in positioning, and more.

10/30/2012 by: Gagein

Introducing an All-New Gagein!

Gagein has been re-designed and improved!

08/13/2012 by: Gagein

A Blast from the Past

Flashback to Gagein a year and a half ago. We’ve come so far, keep an eye out for a major rehaul in the future!

07/18/2012 by: Gagein

3 Ways Your Competitor Is Beating You By Knowing More

You’re on top of your marketing game, but always seems that your competitors are constantly getting to new customers first and making more sales than you are. Maybe it’s because you haven’t checked everything off on your marketing list yet. It’s simple – your competitive intel is old news by the time it gets to you.

07/12/2012 by: Gagein

Tutorial: How to create custom sales triggers

Learn how to create alerts for your own custom sales triggers!

06/11/2012 by: Gagein

How to boost productivity by being informed

You are a driven professional, constantly on the lookout for information and intelligence that can help you increase sales, craft a more perfect marketing message, and make the most informed decisions. External business intelligence allows you to gain deep insights into prospects, competitors, and industry trends.

06/06/2012 by: Gagein

News Portals launched: Improve customer engagement

GageIn releases News Portals, allowing users to create their own curated boards of business articles and updates!

04/27/2012 by: Gagein